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Darly Custom Technology promotes Dr. James DiBattista as a step in their long-term plan to transition focus.

April 2nd, 2015

Darly Custom Technology is pleased to announce the promotion of Dr. James DiBattista from Chief Technology Officer to Executive Vice President, Operations.  This succession is part of the company’s long-term plan to transition from traditional machine manufacturer into to specialty films manufacturing.  Dr. DiBattista will be responsible for implementing new marketing strategies while optimizing the business models for the Group’s various innovative solutions and associated services.  His expertise in terms of management and execution and proven track record in the field of technological solutions for the polymer chemistry industry, position him to contribute materially to the successful implementation of the ambitious development plans of the company.   Yimou Yang, the Darly Group’s Chairman, says: “We are delighted with the contributions Jim has made to our corporate management team to strengthen its commercial dimension. His substantial experience in implementing global sales and marketing strategies among industrial players and his proven market knowledge represent solid assets that will enable Darly to further expand its current collaborations while deploying innovative solutions with proven value amongst new partners and new customers.”  Prior to joining Darly, Jim was responsible for product development and commercialization in the polymer chemistry industry with specific focus on films, coatings, biomedical applications, and material science.  Jim received both his BS and Ph.D. degrees in organic and polymer chemistry from SUNY Syracuse.

Darly Custom Technology is a worldwide manufacturer of vacuum coating systems for the converting, electronics, optical, mobile phone, automotive, and thin film coating industries.  Located in Windsor Connecticut, Darly designs, develops and manufactures many types of vacuum coating systems, sub-systems and supplies spare parts for a wide variety of coating applications.  Darly coaters are designed to maximize uptime, cut production costs, and increase production rates by running up to 24 hours a day with easy access, operating and maintenance.

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