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Darly Custom Technology is a worldwide manufacturer of vacuum coating systems for the converting, electronics, optical, mobile phone, automotive, and nano industries. 

Our high-performance vacuum web coaters, batch metallizers and optical thin-film coaters provide different types of coatings for a variety of materials including plastic films, paper, glass, ceramics, metals and plastics.  Some of the company's product applications include automotive, mobile phone, optics, converting, nano technology, medical, electronics, and textiles. 

Company History
Darly Custom Technology evolved after a series of business events that would affect the vacuum technology industry in the U.S. and throughout the worldwide. 

A leading global manufacturer and distributor of vacuum coaters and products the company is headquartered in Windsor Connecticut.

Darly's Family of Coating Systems and Products 
Darly designs, develops and manufactures many types of vacuum coating systems, sub-systems and spare parts for a wide variety of coating applications.  All Darly coaters are designed to maximize uptime, cut production costs, and increase production rates by running up to 24 hours a day with easy access, operating and maintenance. 

Our coating systems include vacuum web coaters, thin-film coaters, multi-layer thin film coaters, batch metallizers, Swift-Kote rapid cycle and cluster device that is designed to mount and metallize a small number of 3D plastic substrates in 20 seconds or less. 

Most thin-film deposition applications can be met by Darly's standard range of systems and accessories.  However, Darly engineers can develop a special unit to match, if your process commands a unique custom design.

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