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Swift-Kote Rapid Cycle Metallizer

Rapid Cycle Metallizer (Swift-Kote) / Swift-Kote Rapid Cycle Metallizer 
The Swift-Kote Rapid Cycle Coater takes less than 40 seconds to mount and metallize a small number of 3-D plastic substrates.  It is the fastest, most efficient pumping system on the market, and it is available exclusively from the vacuum technology experts - DARLY CUSTOM TECHNOLOGY. With Swift-Kote, Darly took a current technology and made it better.  Your metallization process can be faster, easier, more reliable and, of course, more cost-effective, dollar-for-dollar.

The Swift-Kote advanced pumping system gives the fastest pump-down time of any similar product on the market today.  In less than 20 seconds, this metallizer pumps from atmosphere to 10-5 Torr, allowing you to complete the metallization process in 30 –40 seconds.   

The Swift-Kote vacuum chamber has a unique vertical design, giving you easy access to its interior.  This feature facilitates cleaning and maintenance and reduces downtime, allowing you to keep your metallizer up and running more often. You also benefit from less wasted space as Swift-Kote lets you fit more substrates into its chamber.   

Designed with a double-jig holder, Swift-Kote allows you to begin feeding your next load of sources during metallization – saving you precious time and money, and increasing your productivity.  In addition, contamination is reduced and stronger coating adhesion is provided, resulting in a brighter, higher quality coating.    

Advanced design filament holder for quick installation
Compact assembly requires less floor space.
Flexible selection of source packages
Change deposition methods in less than 4 minutes.
Continuous operation / 7 days per week / 3 shifts per day
User friendly PLC controlled operation
Compatible with robotics and automation.  

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