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DYC Batch Metallizer
DYC-BSD Vertical Axis Double Door Batch Metallizer Overview
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DYC-HS Horizontal Batch Metallizer Overview
Rapid Cycle Metallizer (Swift-Kote)

Industry Batch Metallizer / DYC Batch Metallizer 

Darly Custom Technology offers three styles of High Vacuum Batch Metallizers to satisfy the wide range of metallizing application requirements:

DYC-HC Series with a horizontal axis design

DYC-BS Series with a vertical axis single door design

DYC-BSD Series with a vertical axis double door design

Darly’s High Vacuum Batch Metallizers will evacuate a clean, dry, empty chamber from Atmosphere to 5 x 10-4 Torr in less than 5 minutes. The chamber valve piping is constructed of 304 stainless steel for enhanced pump downs and a higher purity deposition layer.  The vacuum pumping system consists of a lobe type booster backed by a rotary piston mechanical pump, a silicon fluid diffusion pump, water-cooled oil baffle, and an optional Polycold cryogenic system for high moisture pumping.  The vacuum metallizers electrical system is PLC and Touch Screen controlled allowing the operator to easily select Auto-Manual operation or Maintenance functions from the Touch screen.


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